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Silva of Brazil won the confidence

Silva of Brazil won the confidence

Johannesburg - Brazil, Ivory Coast in Group H face first-round matches, although the game is to work hard, but Gilberto Silva believes his side take all three points.

Match between Brazil vs. Ivory Coast in place Monday (06/21/2010) dawn hours at Soccer City stadium in Johannesburg.

The game will certainly run a close, because both sides are also relentlessly pursue the victory. If Brazil wins the street towards the next round, while the Seleção Hopefully Elephants also have three points after making the knockout stages would be.

"We certainly have many difficulties to face when they occur. You are a strong team but we are very confident that we can cope and win the game," said the midfielder was quoted last Pananthinaikos AFP.

Didier Drogba was sent to the second round in the last game probably the starter. Silva called the Guard Chelsea player.

"We do not know if he (Drogba) to play or not, but it will provide alternative, but we'll see," continued the players of 33 years.

"Of course we have respect for him when he played against us. It is an important player for the opposing team. He is a player needs to see," said Silva.

Pique: Final Action As Time

Pique: Final Action As Time

Johannesburg - Spain still games to play in efforts to win a ticket to the round of 16 great victory. Gerrard Pique said that the last two games as the final.

He started the tournament with a view of Switzerland, the European champion in 2008 was the height of its expectations. While the game successfully dominated throughout, but Iker Casillas et al. still no answer to one of the doors until the game was Gelson Fernandes.

Despite the defeat, but Furia Roja The ability to pass the next phase is still open. Provided the ability to win in two games remaining in which they face Honduras in advance on Tuesday (22 / 6) h dawn and Chile followed four days later.

"It is true, we do not expect a bad start like that, but that's football and any team could win," said Barcelona defender of the United States, which was launched ESPN Star said .

"We saw the match against Honduras, as we were in the final vote. We have two more finals and we will work with these two games so much, "said Spade.

For now, Pique was not thinking too much. Spain is currently focused on measures against Honduras.

"Honduras is the first new thing we think about Chile. You're a great team, but first we have a final and if we can not win against Honduras to be useless to the game against Chile, "turn the former Manchester United players.

Promise of New Zealand therefore "Korean"

Promise of New Zealand therefore "Korean"

Nelspruit - Two countries designated Koreans leave bad memories for the Italian national team. New Zealand has also promised to "Korea" one for the Azzurri at tonight they clash.

At the 1966 World Cup in England, the North Koreans, who has not lost Italy 1-0 underdog. Consequently, Korea was one who led and swept Italy in the group stage.

The nightmare continues with Korea in 2002, when the brother of Italy met with North Korea, South Korea, in perdelapanfinal. With all the controversy of the game, South Korea Italy 2-1 times.

The realization of the two Koreas, which are not seeded now try to answer dinapaktilasi Italy by New Zealand on Sunday (20/06/2010) in Italy today, Mbombela Stadium, Nelspruit is the face.

"The series is a fear to Italy," New Zealand coach Ricki Herbert said, quoted by the Italian football.

"It's never a Korean in the past and can help us. Nobody could predict we beat them, but they're depressed and you could feel it," said Herbert.

Italy is currently in the spotlight. The world champion took less than impressive in his first game and was held to a 1-1 draw against Paraguay.

New Zealand to meet Italy in the last Confederations Cup in 2009. Three times the lead, the All Whites had finally revealed the Azzurri GLI 4.3. Nevertheless, Herbert continued unabated confidence.

"Without a doubt, Italy is much better, especially in the control of the ball. But we also have our own strengths, "Herbert secure lid.

The history of the locker room British runner

The history of the locker room British runner

London - A group of followers through the English dressing room after the match against Algeria. Fans who was later named Joseph Pavlos known, show how and what happened there.

England is very disappointing, thousands of supporters at the time could only draw 0-0 against Algeria in Group C match bonus I was so disappointed Pout Three Lions fans, even his own team after the the referee's whistle along to disperse the signal Thurs

After the Games, there was a terrible event. Joseph, who is a follower of the England team has managed to pass the safety locker Frank Lampard et al achieved.

But the real story is not quite the case. Joseph (32) were added, he had originally only wanted to find a toilet after the game ends. But who would have thought it was rather in the England dressing room, where he saw David Beckham and Joe Cole.

"Suddenly, talk of David. He approached me and said," Who are you? "Did Joseph story Sunday Mirror has been cited by AFP.

"Then I said, I'm Pavlos and I really want to go to the toilet." For a few moments, no one said anything. Then I thought that I was now in the England dressing room. Why did not I say something?. "

"I looked up and said David," David did, we (the fans) get a lot of money for us. (Sham), which is very annoying. What would you do? "He continued.

Shortly after, was then asked Joseph to get there.

A also confirmed that Beckham has denied that he had new confrontations with Pavlos. "He did not comment on the performance of the team. He just went and said hello, I was Becks.

England Football Association (FA) has a complaint about this incident directly to a vote by FIFA. They called for increased security on things that do not wish to be avoided.

Portugal will be more attacks

Portugal will be more attacks

Cape Town - Portugal determined to get around the big 16. Dealing with North Korea, the team Seleçao Quinas changes to play the way to achieve the full amount.

Walking in Portugal 2010 World Cup begins on the face of the Ivory Coast in an endless game 0-0. In these games the team landing Carlos Queiroz has examined very carefully and do relatively little pinch in the field of dangerous opponents.

In group G is the second provision, UEFA Euro 2004, North Korea plans to fight, when the smoothness despite losing 1-2 against Brazil. Compared to the team, the epithet Chollima, Portugal is ready for an attack on all fronts.

"In the first game a team would usually take less risk because they play more often with caution," Queiroz told the Reuters news agency.

"In the second game will all become much clearer and there is no place for him. We start things and not wait. We must mobilize all means and attack, "added the former Manchester United manager.

The duel between Portugal cons dihelat N Korea on Monday (06/21/2010) night'm at Green Point Stadium in Cape Town. Cristiano Ronaldo is obliged to be careful in this fight, because if the rear gets a yellow card confirmed in the absence of stars last game against Brazil allowance (25 / 6).

Do not underestimate New Zealand, Italy

Do not underestimate New Zealand, Italy

Nelspruit - New Zealand is the underdog "in the 2010 World Cup. But because of the oppressed", the figures in the first part of flying, Italy certainly not be underestimated.

World Cup 2010 is the second appearance in New Zealand to the World Cup. earlier for the World Cup in 1982 with a record of three defeats in the group stage of qualifying and were removed immediately.

On the mat this time, at least in New Zealand managed to sharpen the balance of the note Degan Slovakia, on Tuesday (15/06/2010) after the match 1-1.

Ricki Herbert mixture Raihan team certainly very surprising. Given sufficient number of surprises on the carpet in 2010 World Cup, New Zealand is ready to surprise the Italian.

"For us, that we are underestimating the population. All the teams were trivial to us, but now they must know they play well to beat us, "New Zealand captain Ryan Nelsen said, as reported by the Italian football

New Zealand is another weapon, they appear without the load with respect to Italy on Sunday (6/20/2010), who played instead of one victory after the first game 1-1 against Paraguay opponents.

"I told the media in New Zealand as the greatest pressure we've ever known at that time the qualifying match against Bahrain before his own supporters, as the host, and must win."

"You see (us) against Slovakia, there is nothing to fear. The team is very comfortable with who they are and all the preparations. I think we're not nervous," Nelsen easy.

New Zealand have met Italy in a friendly match before the Confederations Cup last year. They had three periods before losing 3-4.

Dunga Still Believe Kaka

Dunga Still Believe Kaka

Johannesburg - Dunga was not too worried when Kaka seemed possible. The Brazilian playmaker believes the coach would be even better action in the game "Next".

Kaka this season injuries mengakrabi more than usual. The constraints that appear to have led to problems Kala brilliant Kaka defend the new Real Madrid this season, he stepped up.

We defend Brazil in the World Cup in 2010 was that the same money. An example of this performance is okay, if less against North Korea on Wednesday (06/16/2010).

But there was no impact on the evaluation of Dunga against Kaka. Dunga has said that all that day according to plan.

"We planned carefully in order to restore it," said Dunga, reported by Reuters.

"I (Kaka) could be better provided for in the next game, and with the speed of the game, we'll see what he can play 90 minutes or not," said Dunga.

With Kaka is not on peak, Brazil Côte d'Ivoire in the face of the party both at the World Cup in 2010, Monday (21/06/2010) dawn hours. This was included in the first meeting between the two countries in the World Cup.

Create a target, do not worry Cannavaro

Create a target, do not worry Cannavaro

Centurion - Italy seems to be difficult targets, including the 2010 World Cup. But Il Capitano GLI Azzurri Fabio Cannavaro careless, because after all, he is a defender, not aggressors.

Italian football is, has this year, the Italian appeared in four games - three test matches and a part of the World Cup in 2010. Of this amount, Marcello Lippi could make the team with three goals.

A goal that is born when the part of Italy a 1-1 against Paraguay on Tuesday (06/15/2010). In the game itself, the Italian score first game missed by Daniele De Rossi.

Degree of difficulty, so that the value of the media described the Italian effort to make goals and score an equalizer. With the status of Italy as the defending champion, was clearly worried.

With the match against New Zealand on Sunday (06/20/2010), the question of sharpness that Cannavaro has been sent. unexpected responses to then get out of his mouth.

"What we have to make a problem into goals? This is not my problem, I was a defender!" ceplosnya in Italian football.

Cannavaro to survive industry colleagues, Gianluca Zambrotta, gave a response no less relaxed when questioned on the subject. An objective, goal of the adversary, he said, would be sufficient as long as Italy is not conceding a goal behind.

"We expect a better future, but whatever, just 1-0," said Zambrotta.

South Korea want to win versus Nigeria

South Korea want to win versus Nigeria

Rustenberg - South Korea was determined to recover after a landslide defeat of Argentina. You're ready to attack and win big on Nigeria in the last game to guarantee a place in the big 16.

Starting with the convincing 2-0 victory thanks to the Greek opponent was forced South Korea to give a crushing 1-4 score when your opponents Argentina.

"Our players are not disappointed or discouraged by the defeat of the Argentine opponent, said South Korean coach Huh Jung-Moo on the official website of FIFA.

With this result, Korea now three points behind championship pemuncak equivalent results with Argentina and Greece. In the last match, South Korea against Nigeria, be excluded with certainty.

"We will seriously prepare for our third game as the match against Nigeria in the final phase of the group."

"This game is difficult, but we will win the match," Huh easy.

South Korea Nigeria on Wednesday (06/23/2010) at the stadium in Durban ....

Beckham denies acting Supporters word problem

Beckham denies acting Supporters word problem

Johannesburg - David Beckham News aggressive supporters, who have denied the England dressing room. After Beckham, the new growth is dramatic.

A supporter of England has successfully ended in a draw in the forbidden zone to England Algeria pregame Kontar 0-0, Saturday (06/19/2010) dawn hours. They would be locked horns with Beckham before finally digelandang security.

"The message has been exaggerated from reality. It was just walking casually and say something to me and told me he went out," Beckham told Reuters.

"It is not disputed, no aggression at all. He did not comment on our ideas. He just come and said," Hello, "he said.

Well, if the supporters do not hurt, now seems a different matter. Why is he able to relax in the locker room? For this question, the authors were known.

"Harry and I forgot to lock the door, it is our fault," I am Prince William, who has seen this game and its direct siblings of Prince Harry.

Kaita threatened murdered

Kaita threatened murdered

Blomfontein - The defeat of Nigeria's chances in the "Greek Super Eagles pass so very thin. Sani Kaita be evaluated, so that offenders may be even death threats.

A stupid mistake and useless in the fight for the ball with Vasileios Torosidis Kaita made. Accordingly, the referee gave a red card Kaita and Nigeria also played with ten players, although it was 1-0 from the Greek.

Nigeria's production Kaita make cocoons. Ultimately they gave 1-2 of Greece. Results in the game, which took place on Friday (18/06/2010) Points have not been able to make Nigeria to lift one of the two Laganier endangered and the bag.

That's a lot of fans disappointed Nigeria. I was so disappointed, he returned to extreme acts by the threat Kaita Sorry if players want to be dizzy, especially before him.

"Yes, I received threats to my life. The threat was sent by e-mail, but I'm not here as a Muslim harassment, only God decides who lives and dies," said Kaita Telegraph.

is "Everything in this world in the hands of God, your life and everything, except with the permission of God, no one had the power to kill me. God only knows what will happen tomorrow. Our fate is in his hands. Religion is what I learned, "he said.

This threat alone remember the terrible events afflicting Andres Escobar in 1994. At that time, the Colombian player was killed after his return to his country. Shooting was in close collaboration with its own goal that eliminated the British, while in the States Amerka phase associated group that escaped.

"I would not equate Escobar my case, because each has its own way in this world," Kaita simple.

Sabtu, 19 Juni 2010

Fans said ironically, Rooney Apologize

Fans said ironically, Rooney Apologize

Cape Town - Wayne Rooney was caught on television denouncing the British fans. Regret and reluctant because of the long main support added "Three Lions" Sorry.

England could raise two draws in the results of the two parties in 2010 World Cup to date. Even then, the English players have also been unable to perform perfectly. Rooney is one of them.

It is certainly the team to besutan Fabio Capello is undoubtedly his own supporters. A number of England fans who were at the stadium did not hesitate once mocking Rooney et al.

Seeing this reality apparently frustrated Rooney. sulk after the offset of Algeria, on Saturday (06/19/2010) PM Dawn Rooney behind the camera when highlighted.

"Very pleasant to have to see your own criticism of loyal fans because of the name," he joked cibir, as he was.

Well, this incident was only a concept in the country of England. A number of British media immediately even make Front Page News.

This saw Rooney quickly transmit directly to the British public apology via the keteranga English Football Association (FA).

"Last night, the heat, the camera, I say things, the situation arose because of frustration with our performance and results. I am sorry for causing all the criticisms that have been completed by my actions during the game, "Rooney said The Telegraph quoted.

Rooney is also the center so the honor, because he never scored a goal for England in the last nine months.

Danes returned home in Cameroon

Danes returned home in Cameroon

Pretoria - The Danes lost Cameroon 2-1 in a match that took place on Sunday (20/06/2010) strike dawn hours. For Cameroon, the defeat was forced to lift the bag of the World Cup in 2010.

In a game held at Lotus Versfeld, Pretoria, the first winner Samuel Eto'o of Cameroon was adopted. Dane Nicklas Bendtner response. Dennis has clinched Romedahl Dynamite team.

These results show the Indomitable Lions became the first team eliminated from the World Cup. With two defeats in two games, the most points the team of Paul Le Guen education is three.

Meanwhile, Danish and Japanese will fight to win the game for tearkhir ticket in the last 16 with the support of the Netherlands. Both have three points, then the maximum value of dynamite or Samurai Blue at the last part of six years. If the game ended in a draw then both teams will have a value of four years and it will never be surpassed by Cameroon.

While the Dutch are now six points, while collecting and sitting on top of the ranking, while the group is E. The defeat of Cameroon in the final game does not block the passage of De Oranje.

The game Road

Danish Open chances Dennis Rommedahl in the sixth minute. After puncture of the right, he then opened fire on going further with the aim of Cameroon.

Cameroon opened the scoring in the ninth minute through Samuel Eto'o. This goal begins error Danish rearguard. Sorensen ball flat on Christian Poulsen. Poulsen has also left in the direction of the ball, but could be seized by Achille Emana.

pass Emana addressed the ball, then Samuel Eto'o not, close monitoring of the penalty area. The Inter Milan striker had failed, the execution of dam release Sorensen.

A minute later, almost Emana scored a penalty from outside the box. But the ball came out the number ten players is always on the side.

Grønkjær! For an entire game, the Danish players were eight numbered opened fire from outside the penalty area that can still be blocked by a defender and drove to the corner of Cameroon football.

European officials continue to try. Feed dish Lars Jacobsen on Jon Dahl Tomasson in the penalty area. Soleymanou goalkeeper Hamidou cut the ball intelligently.

Danish efforts resulted in the 33rd minute after goalkeeper Nicklas Bendtner hacked in Cameroon. Gol started adopted with power away from the Danish Defence, which was then Rommedahl in the right wing.

Then Rommedahl off a cross in the penalty area. Bendtner, there is not too tight escort managed to get the ball into the goal Cameroon.

Anelka was never insulting Domenech

Anelka was never insulting Domenech

Knysna - Nicolas Anelka was surprised, after the requested leave of the French team. He also said he has not done what is alleged.

Anelka has been crossed out and the dismissal of the team, the French in World Cup competition in 2010. It is the punishment for the players 31 years after the insult was when the delay time Raymond Domenech France match against Mexico, then declined to apologize.

However, Anelka has denied what he said, not words merit. He admitted he would never say it hurts or not respecting the team.

"I have great respect for France Timas and all my colleagues, I guarantee it. I want to emphasize that the statement is printed in the media is not what I say," he said on the official website the daily France Soir quoted Yahoo Sports.

Previously, management of media, like The Guardian that the sentence has Anelka Domenech, if the incident was "Go f ** k you, son of a wh ** e".

In fact, Anelka admits he was in talks with the heat Domenech in the locker room before the players and officials. Therefore, the problem he was surprised they came out and changed the words.

"I certainly do not agree with the coach, but what happens in the locker room, there's only me to coaches and players and staff," said the Chelsea player.

"It should never happen, leaving the locker room. I do not know who took advantage of this situation, but something is not helping the team (repeating)," said Anelka.

With this return, perhaps no longer defend himself Anelka in the team, "Ayam Jago remember" who was 31 years, was younger.

"I have my decision by the French team and I wish them good luck," Anelka quickly.

"There are traitors in the body of the French"

"There are traitors in the body of the French"

Jakarta has been - Captain Patrice Evra French judge that "traitors" in the body of the cock between the teams following the internal conflict that makes striker Nicolas Anelka have been repatriated.

French Football Federation has decided, because the actors involved repatriate Anelka refused to apologize for the interests of offensive words coach Raymond Domenech.

This would further aggravate the state of the French measures face binding targets to win in life or death match against South Africa.

It is also the French team under the tutelage of Domenech to honor more. After appearing in qualifying has not been convincingly that it is not fair, and public doubts about fashion timnasnya their own state, the most comprehensive, the emphasis is firmly on the world champion 1998.

Patrice Evra French captain recognized the involvement of people to tear behind these problems.

"The problem is not on Anelka. But there are traitors among us. As this matter could be publicly released, but all this is spread by a person in that group that wants to insult the French national team," said Manchester United defender has been as reported by the Associated Press.

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